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Cat Sefiro, also known under her alias Saber Creative, is a Brisbane born social media influencer.

She started out gaming in 2012, where her love for character designs developed. In 2013, she began her cosplay journey when she combined her modeling and craft skill to become who she is today. Cat has also picked up creative photography specialising in portrait photography.

In her spare time, Cat enjoys going to car meets with her 180sx, and gaming.


Throughout Cat's social media journey, she has achieved various notable milestones. 

In 2015 she was selected by Riot to represent the gaming developers in Sydney for their League of Legends Oceanic Finals. In 2016, she was the official photographer for the same event.

In 2018 Cat was flown down to Sydney for Hot Import Nights, and to Melbourne for Status Seasonal to be a guest at both shows.

Throughout the years, Cat has represent various brands such as The Tasteful Nerd, Nerd Army, Geek Invaders, EVA hair and more, with great marketing success.

Current Affiliations

Cat is currently sponsored by the following companies

- Team SOYT

- Unique Skins

- MCA Suspension

- Zenox Gaming AU


- FTC Computers


Cat is currently:

- 58kg

- 164cm tall (5"4)

- Chest: 83cm

- Waist: 64cm

- Hips: 99cm

- Thighs: 51cm